Camera & Music / 攝影與音樂

  • 兒童Ukulele夏威夷小結他          年齡:3~6          $800 / 4

    包括正確抱琴方法、基本按弦與撥弦、音階和弦入門、歡唱兒歌等透過這些循序漸進的課程小朋友可學習音階與和弦 並掌握彈奏基本技巧培養良好的樂感。
    Learn to play the Ukulele, using correct techniques which include how to hold the instrument, how to read music, finger positioning, basic chords, sweep picking, etc.  As students play and sing popular children’s songs, they can steadily expand their knowledge of musical scales and chords, mastering the basic techniques and developing a growing love for music.
  • 趣味攝影班               年齡8以上或成人            $1800 / 4每堂1.5小時
    。。。4:30~6:00pm    Sat~Sun。。。2:30~4:00pm4:30~6:00pm

    如針孔相機等 相知識如黑房沖blue print等。課程完成後學員從參加精心安排的活動認識到傳統攝影的知識。

    Want to try your hand at photography without buying expensive cameras?
    You can easily do that here! Students can use simple tools and ways to create their own DIY cameras (e.g. pinhole cameras) and develop their own photos via darkroom or blue print.  Upon completion of the course, students can participate in specially arranged activities and further explore the fun world of photography.

  • 親子攝影                時間                    $2400 / 4每節2小時


    Preserve a deep lasting memory for your children.  Capture precious moments with your child and preserve those photos in the form of paintings!
    Throughout the process, parents can design and create hand-made props while spending quality time and communicating with their children.  Each photography session will be tailored to your style and interests (e.g. pets or craftwork).  By the end of the course, you will have completed three photos and one painting.